Evil husband fed caged wife sperm sandwiches and ‘charged brothers £4 a time to gang rape her’

A SICKO has been jailed for 25 years for locking his wife in a sex dungeon while allegedly charging his brothers £4 to rape her.

The abused wife was subjected to years of horrific sex attacks and was even forced to eat semen sandwiches, a court heard.


The perverted husband was jailed for 25 years after the court heard of his sex crimes[/caption]

The vile sexual assaults took place in the small village of Parszczyce, in northern Poland between 2006 and 2010.

During that time, the husband – named only as Mariusz Sz – kept his wife locked in a cellar for more than two years.

She was brutally beaten, starved and repeatedly raped by her husband and allegedly by his two brothers and a friend.

At an earlier hearing judge Marta Urbanska emphasised the victim “was imprisoned in a cold, dark cellar.”


The abused wife was locked in a dark and cold cellar for more than two years[/caption]

She said the wife had to endure horrific “physiological needs under undignified conditions”.

The judge said: “She was starved, forced to eat meals with her bound handsin a kneeling position.

“Meals were prepared in a manner that denied her dignity.”

She added the woman was forced to eat bread mixed with the semen of the accused.


Judge Marta Urbanska said the wife had to endure horrific and ‘undignified conditions’[/caption]

The husband’s two brothers and their friend have now been charged with raping the victim.

They face a minimum of three years and a maximum of 15 years in prison if found guilty.

All three have pleaded not guilty and their trial is ongoing.

It’s reported the husband had “rented” his wife out for £4 putting a bag over her head and letting paying men rape her.

It is not known how many men raped the victim in total and police are still investigating.

The victim eventually managed to escape the cellar and call her mother as she was fearful for the safety of her two daughters.

Local media state she reported the case to the police but she was dismissed hree times before an investigation was eventually opened.