Ex-Trump adviser Michael Flynn to be sentenced for lying to FBI – live updates

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has been through the Senate reports on how Russia targeted the 2016 presidential election. His takeaway is that “the tactics that the Russians used were really, really similar to what we saw from team Trump”.

Cuomo cited an unnamed senior Trump campaign official who told Bloomberg the Trump campaign were targeting the same groups as the Russians went after: african-americans, young women and white liberals.

The Republican controlled Senate Intel Committee just put out some third party research that provides our best evidence to date of what Russia was doing on social media to muck up our election. The clear goal: help Trump. #LetsGetAfterIt #CuomoPrimeTime pic.twitter.com/kwqTdumoGc

Roger Stone, longtime political advisor to Donald Trump, has taken a lie detector test in an attempt to prove he did not conspire with Russia during Trump’s 2016 campaign.

WSVN reports that the polygraph test was paid for by Stone and conducted by John Palmatier, a former police officer with more than 35 years experience giving polygraph tests.

Doubts about polygraph tests grew in the scientific community until the National Research Council – an organization of scientists – conducted a systematic evaluation and concluded that the test is lacking in scientific validity (2).

In 1998, the U.S. Supreme court acted to restrict their use in legal proceedings. In particular, defense attorneys can no longer use evidence that their client passed a polygraph test as establishing innocence of a crime.

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