How Adolf Hitler hijacked Christmas and rewrote Silent Night to make it all about celebrating Nazi bloodshed

POWER crazy Adolf Hitler hijacked Christmas during the war to make it all about him and the murderous Nazi party.

The Fuhrer was determined to hog the festive limelight and even had the words to the carol Silent Night rewritten as a tribute to him.


Adolf Hitler was determined to steal the limelight throughout the festive period[/caption]

Downtrodden Germans were made to sing ‘Exalter Night’ instead – a song specially written by a Nazi composer glorifying the evil Chancellor.

In the bizarre tweaked version, the Fuhrer is the hero of the musical work which starts: “Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright.

But it then goes on :”Only the Chancellor stays on guard, Germany’s future to watch and to ward, guiding our nation aright.”

A move was even made by the Nazi Party to remove mentions of the coming of Jesus and replace them with the coming of “saviour” Hitler.


Germans were told not to put stars atop their tree as that was seen as too Jewish[/caption]

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Hitler and his henchmen at a wartime ‘Rauhnacht’ party[/caption]

Propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels doles out presents to kids at a Nazi party

Even Santa Claus wasn’t safe from Hitler and his obsessive festive meddling.

The Nazis insisted Father Christmas was actually a Christian reinvention of the Germanic god Odin.

So all Xmas posters, depicted Odin as the “Solstice man” riding a white charger, sporting a thick grey beard and carrying a sack full of gifts.

Changes were then made to the traditional manger which was replaced by a garden containing  a wooden toy deer and rabbits.

Mary and Jesus were, of course, depicted as a blonde mother and blue-eyed child.

Chilling footage shows Hitler and the Nazi Party celebrating Christmas – as millions of Jews were being sent to concentration and extermination camps.

Young Germans have a festive lunch with the Fuhrer

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Even Santa Claus wasn’t safe from Hitler and his obsessive festive meddling[/caption]

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Tinsel hand alongside swastikas at a festive Nazi bash[/caption]

The resurfaced footage – filmed in December of 1940 – reveal the festive vision that the Nazis Propagandists marketed to the German public.

In the videos, Hitler is seen enjoying Christmas lunch around the table filled with little children.

Other Nazi leaders Herman Goring and Josef Goebbels laughing and playfully handing out gifts to kids.

Meanwhile other clips show smiling Aryan children enjoying the holidays – and a Hitler Youth group carolling under a tree decorated with Swastikas.

Bu the Nazis and their leader’s major problem with the traditional festive period was the C word itself.

After all, Jesus Christ was a Jew so the Nazis preferred a different name for the yule time period – Rauhnacht.

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Hitler clearly had more than one bauble[/caption]

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There doesn’t seem to be much festive cheer in this photo[/caption]

Kids sing below a huge tree bedecked in swastikas

Rauhnacht is the name for the days between the winter solstice on 21st December and Epiphany on 6th January.

According to tradition, during this time, the souls of the deceased and the devil create mischief on Earth.

To protect against the evil spirits, people smoked out their houses with incense, cleansing them of evil.

The word is thought to have come from the rough (rau), hairy demons, dressed in animal skins, who keep people awake.

Throughout this period Adolf’s goose-stepping henchmen doled out advent calendars to German kids.

However, instead of a chocolate treat behind each door they were filled with propaganda and militaristic imagery.

Mothers were even encouraged to bake swastika-shaped cookies for their kids as treats.

As a sign of appreciation, Heinrich Himmler gave SS members a Yule candlestick some of which were made at Dachau concentration camp.

Even the familiar star that topped millions of Christmas trees was replaced because  it looked Jewish.

Instead, the Nazis encouraged revellers to place a swastika, a German sun wheel, or the SS symbol on their trees.

The traditional names of the tree, Christbaum or Weihnachtsbaum, was renamed a light tree or Jul tree.