Welcome to Prolux Service

Welcome to Prolux Service
You may have a spotless house but did you know that you are currently sharing your bed with millions of dust mites, bed bugs, mold, bacteria and viruses that greedily make use of your mattress as a reproduction haven? Millions of microscopic dust mites have been medically proven to trigger several health problems such as Asthma, Allergies, Eczema and more. Plus dust mite excrement inhaled by pregnant women could be the cause of Asthma and Allergies in up to 20% of new born babies. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a new mattress, how often you change the sheets, the cleanliness of the mattress covers, or even if you take the time to vacuum it every now and then- these impurities are deeply embedded in the mattress, sofa, carpet, curtain, upholstery and other soft furniture and requires professional treatment to remove these unwanted guests. This is where we come in. Unlike other cleaning companies, The Prolux is a clinically-developed, deep cleaning and sanitizing treatment that is dry and chemical-free, so there’s no odor, no drying time; and it’s absolutely SAFE for any type of mattress, sofa, carpet, curtain, upholstery and other soft furniture. Our technology, exclusive to The Prolux in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, is the world’s first and only medical grade mattress sanitation technology using Germicidal Ultra Violet Light (GUVL), specifically designed to prevent growth of bacteria and living organisms in the mattress that is endorsed by the Australian office of Fair Trading. “Our allergy relief treatments can be scheduled at your own convenience in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE. Working evenings and weekends, it only takes 40 minutes to fully sanitize your bed.”
The Prolux Service is committed to providing you with a healthier lifestyle wherever you are: Apartments | Villas | Hotels | Offices | Schools | Nurseries | Restaurants | Hospitals | Boats | Yachts | Accommodations

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